MimbleWimble Grin &Blockchain Simplicity

Simple is SECURE…

The principal reason is that human beings are very bad at managing complexity. A small, simple program may be bug-free, but as the software grows very large, the complexity becomes really hard to control. Bugs will always slip through.

Software Bugs

Bitcoin, open-source software is also prone to some bugs. Even though most issues are easily fixed , sometimes bugs and errors arise may cause unpredicted dangers and problems. For example, occured with

🔴 The CVE-2010–5139 bug on August 15th, 2010 resulted in 184-Billion BTC being minted. On the heels of this event core developers Gavin Andresen and Satoshi Nakamoto had to roll back the blockchain in order to purge this transaction from block 74638.

Bitcoin bug.

And money is no joke .

For MimbleWimble Grin is the minimal implimentation of the protocol. Beside the main goal and the characteristic of Grin are;

Minimal implementation.

So if bugs and errors are so vital ,where we put Grin MimbleWimble, what does minimal implementation mean?

When asked to John Tromp, a long time contributer of Grin, and also inventor of proof of work algo Cuckoo Cycle , mathematician and computer scientist.

What about Grin MimbleWimble simplicity, what doest it mean ?

He answered with this;

‘’Are There Any Public Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Projects Seriously Rivaling Grin’s Simplicity? ‘’

Grin Monetary policy.
Grin TX

Σ utxo = Σ kernel + offset * G + height * 60e9 * H

where each kernel is a provable commitment to 0 (as is offset * G), and height * 60e9 is the expected number of nanogrins emitted in height one-minute blocks.

Cuckoo Cycle Algo
Scriptless Scripts by A. Poelstra

After all this evidence, proof and research what we understand is Simple is SECURE..

and i really wonder and ask again.

Are There Any Public Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Projects Seriously Rivaling Grin’s Simplicity?



Edited by cekickafa, written mainly by J.Tromp 👏


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