GRINPost March 2022


📰 Latest news and bulletin updates

Week #2


  • Node and wallet upgrades v5.1.2

The latest updates;

Thanks to challenging work of GRIN developers, especially yeastplume. GRIN node and wallet upgraded. There are many fixes and developments at technical levels. You can visit.


*WALLET Upgrade.

🟢 is ONLINE !

Grin Community Council website is officially live. Thanks to the hard work of @StakerVali who managed the site and Grin Community Council members



You can find;

  • Meeting Notes-Governance decisions,meeting agendas,
  • Community Projects, supported by community funding and requested features by GRIN Community.
  • HUB — Tools — Documentation — Channels — Articles

GRIN scripts and tools. You can find Hub of links to other repositories with Grin tools and scripts.

Other resources of art, marketing, memes and wallpapers are also available.

  • Grin Community Council Fund and Donation Addresses

BOUNTY for Miner C32 M1 Ultra

Started with 100 GRIN coins and raised to 1 ₿TC by Tromp, for an open source Mac Studio (M1 Ultra) Cuckatoo32 miner achieving 0.5 Gps.

🎉GRIN Reached 100 MİLLİON coins. Milestone!

GRIN Blockchain secured with Proof of Work Cuckoo Cycle algorithm, surpassed 100 million coin supply.🎉

Grin emission rate stays constant and completely linear, results in a decreasing inflation rate, known as disinflation.


  • In last weeks community meeting,

o Maintaining Grin Telegram+Keybase-discord bridge service

o Funding Decision @jankie

o Funding Decision @cekickafa

o Organizing community sub-teams

o Increasing Bisq awareness

o Ideas to enlarge GRIN Community and ecosystem

o PIBD testing and GUI wallets

o Establishing a new GRIN blockexplorer

o Focus on the increase of Grin adoption with more communication channels,meetups,conference and community events.

The next bi-weekly development meeting is scheduled for Tue April 12 @10:00 UTC in grincoin#general on Keybase. You can add topics to the agenda & review past meeting notes.

🌐 Useful GRIN links



BitcoinTalk Ann
Wallet s
Grin ‘original’ wallet user guide

Blockchain explorer

Blokchcain explorer

Documentation page


Grin++ Wallet Support
Ironbelly Wallet Support
Niffler Wallet Support
GrinPOST -


Grin-Mining Pools: (Too many miners! Switch to another pool!)


Introduction to Grin
Cuck(at)oo Cycle
What is Grin
Why Grin
Interactive transactions
Grin’s emission schedule

Coinmarketcap Grin —

Coingecko PAGE —

This post is written by Cekickafa. Any views, materials, expressed opinions are personal and do not represent an official position of the Grin project. Any feedback, news or other suggestions, you can email:

Grin is an opensource project, everybody is free to contribute and join. Thanks to all contributors.



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