MimbleWimble GRIN ISTanbul Meetup ツ


Grin Istanbul

What did we do?

Grin roundtable-Mulitpurpose work,breakfast-dinner-tea
  • GRIN is a decentralized currency, opensource
  • Sending and receiving GRIN is different from other blockchains & cryptos
  • UX-Usability goes hand in hand with adoption
  • SLATEPACKS (Sending money-GRIN-crypto like email or SMS)
  • TELEGRAM is a widely known messenger with 700 million active users
  • Telegram has a highly flexible API and free platform for BOT development

GRIN other Implementations

GRINISTanbul Moments

Galata Tower old city
Istanbul Archeology Museum
So who knows, history is written again with a new COIN ツ
Gold Croeseid, minted by king Croesus circa 561–546 BCE.
Gold and cash shops

I already engaged with a few local exchange shops, and none of them had heard GRIN ! It was their first encounter with GRIN and MimbleWimble protocole. They are fascinated by the idea that there are no addresses. This is a mainly uncontrolled, P2P free market run using gold and cash. Bitcoin is becoming more popular these days. GRIN and Grand Bazaar complement each other well...

CryptoCurrency exchanges

Crypto People and ecosystem in Turkiye

Source:World Bank report

Another GRINISTanbul maybe ?

renzokuken talking about GRIN community driven, decentralized, fair launch, opensource features.
Blockchain and Grin enthusiasm..


GRIN is all around

It was an unique experience with @renzokuken, @cekickafa @davidt, @stakervali. It will never be forgotten. Thank you for realizing GrinIStanbul all together.

Mainstreets GRINNning



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