GRIN MimbleWimble ツ AMA with GrinCC member Anynomous


‘’Grin just checked all the boxes of what a good crypto project would be for me. In addition, it made me rethink and feel some of the early Bitcoin days. ‘’

‘’We just need to be there for continuity and for facilitating and have fun while doing it. New projects and ideas emerge and ripen over time.’’

  • the Send-Sign-Sign flow,
  • implement an universal payment proof,
  • implement PIBD on the main chain and,
  • implement CoinSwap[3] and,
  • add a robust GUI for the rust node and wallet, something similar to Bitcoin core.

‘’If all of these will be achieved in 4 years, it would be amazing. I think we will have by far the most interesting digital cash implementation in the crypto space. ‘’



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