GRIN MimbleWimble ツ AMA with Cuckoo Cycle author Dr.John TROMP

GRIN Cuckoo POW algo


TROMP: PoW is not only the simplest known consensus mechanism, but just as importantly, the only known provably fair distribution mechanism, where no party has an advantaged access to coins.

Grin 1 min block= 60 Grin
Cuckoo Cycle

‘’ Are There Any Public Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Projects Seriously Rivaling Grin’s Simplicity? ‘’

TROMP: The feature I most want to see in the future is some **Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) alternative accelerated sync. Grin’s sync, especially the new *PIBD is great, and gives the most confidence of a correct history. But it takes time and space linear in history length (downloading and verifying all kernels).

TROMP: It’s hard not to see a bright future for Mimblewimble’s brilliant design which I think Grinツ takes most advantage of. Keeping things simple, elegant, and fair, all have lasting value, maximizing the potential future interest in Grin. So yes, I think Grinツ will be successful in getting more mindshare in the next few decades, even if not reaching a marketcap measured in billions.



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