Grin Machine clicks…⚙️

6 min readDec 5, 2021


Grin is a full machine ⚙️ with mechanic, pulley, gear, and screws and many components.Like an automat vending machines,for everyday use , simply needs for life, can serve to everybody whoever wants or needs,Grin Machine To be used by anyone, anywhere. Grin has full of candy,coke,water,chocolate bars,bread,sandwiches,always something for someone..

You need Grins to Function 😂

📌 Every component of Grin is unique,valuable,smallest unit indispensable,Simply unified.Works in harmony…

Engine START! ⛓️🔩

For full customer support and order Nhash also available for quick merchandise.🛠️

✔️ Grin Development 🛠️

  • 🔑 Coinswap Milestone 1 achieved and next step is approved by CC and Grin Devs. 🚀Thanx to Sicilio’s hard work for this important implementation.

  • ⚛️Atomic Swaps almost done and still being reviewed by Grin Engineers,last checks and fine tunings,Master Tromp is there.
    🧞Gene done a great job,community seek further collabration wth him.Atomic Swaps are decentralized components and is fits with Grin idea.👏
  • 💡 Grinventions by Renzo working for a Phyton implementation.

Implement python-based wallets and nodes for grin.Feel free to join him for donations and contribute.Go Rocky Renzo!✊

-🎁 A new Wizard 🔮on Board! Harry Potter. He seems fast and furious. ❤️‍🔥

He already established a Gringotts bank ! 🪄🪄🔮🪄

Personally i liked his style,he is working about a Metamask style web Wallet ,a card,blackjack already looks hot!🔥 Check it out.

Thanks to hard working GrinCC members, Bisq DEX is relisting Grin-BTC is voted and will be integrated soon. Grin will have more liquidity and decentralized trading with this step.Big shout out to GrinCC MCMMike and Anonymous and Devs ✌️ pushed this integration. And thanks to other members who pushed this behind the scene,unnamed wizard

  • 📱 Grin ++ Mobile Wallet Full Node

Our DavidT polished and fine tuning Grin++ Mobile. Download and try wallet,friendly feedbacks appreciated.Dont forget its a FULL Node wallet and still improving with Grin.💛
DavidT is also contributing to other repos,helping first time Grinners about wallet problem..Salute to DavidT .🖖

-👛Grin Multi Named Wallet improvements.
Sheldonth 🧙‍♂️ is delivering to Grin Wallet. Big thanx for his work and contribution. 🙏🏻

  • 🎁 Grin Slatepacksmarket Online

Thanxs to Community and donations ,SlatepackMarket reopened. Feel free to use it and try.

  • 🍇 A new website from community member introduced Grinflation

— a website that calculates the inflation rate of GRIN coin.Thnx for this Matt 🌟.Many infos there.

  • 📓Area51 stackexchange
  • initiated by Renzokuken👊🏽, follow and join Please.

-⛏️A New POOL introduced to Grin Mining Ecosystem .its located at USA. Wekcome GaeaPool. Happy Mining!

  • 🔆 improved the Grinmint mining pool ⛏️and invite Grin miners try the service not only for reliable servers and profitable mining rewards but a decentralized and healthy grin ecosystem.Big shout out to MCM Mike💯💛 for those organizations to ecosystem uncut.

For Anonymous mining-Instant payouts.💰

Join ↙️

  • 🎥A Mining Review for Grin ipollo Miners
    From Jimmypromo a nice video about Grin mining and rewards.
  • 🥇 Grin is Top at RUST Language repos.
    Thnx to our Grin Core Engineers who is building since 2016,Grin is at RUST TOP repos. Well ,no name to them, Grin 🧙🏼‍♂️ Masters build there.
Building is complex work.

Also subsribe to weekly GrinNewsletter.📜

  • 🥢 Thanks 💪 jankie and defistaker 💪 for managing and organizing the secretaria,public bridge of Grin.

GrinCC MCMMike and Anynomous tooling🔨 here HUB. Thanx again for this hardwork guys!

  • Surprise of the Month !!🚀
    Return of Jedi. You all know who strikes back!!👊🧙🏼‍♂️
  • May the force be with You !ツ

🧿Special Thanks 🙏🏻 defistaker helping me about this GrinPost.Apologies if i forgot to mention some.

Never forget to Grin

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