Grin Machine clicks…⚙️

You need Grins to Function 😂
  • 🔑 Coinswap Milestone 1 achieved and next step is approved by CC and Grin Devs. 🚀Thanx to Sicilio’s hard work for this important implementation.
  • ⚛️Atomic Swaps almost done and still being reviewed by Grin Engineers,last checks and fine tunings,Master Tromp is there.
    🧞Gene done a great job,community seek further collabration wth him.Atomic Swaps are decentralized components and is fits with Grin idea.👏
  • 💡 Grinventions by Renzo working for a Phyton implementation.
  • 📱 Grin ++ Mobile Wallet Full Node
  • 🎁 Grin Slatepacksmarket Online
  • 🍇 A new website from community member introduced Grinflation
  • 📓Area51 stackexchange
  • initiated by Renzokuken👊🏽, follow and join Please.
  • 🔆 improved the Grinmint mining pool ⛏️and invite Grin miners try the service not only for reliable servers and profitable mining rewards but a decentralized and healthy grin ecosystem.Big shout out to MCM Mike💯💛 for those organizations to ecosystem uncut.
  • 🎥A Mining Review for Grin ipollo Miners
    From Jimmypromo a nice video about Grin mining and rewards.
  • 🥇 Grin is Top at RUST Language repos.
    Thnx to our Grin Core Engineers who is building since 2016,Grin is at RUST TOP repos. Well ,no name to them, Grin 🧙🏼‍♂️ Masters build there.
Building is complex work.
  • 🥢 Thanks 💪 jankie and defistaker 💪 for managing and organizing the secretaria,public bridge of Grin.
  • Surprise of the Month !!🚀
    Return of Jedi. You all know who strikes back!!👊🧙🏼‍♂️
  • May the force be with You !ツ

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Grin News

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