Grin is DEAD?

5 min readJul 5, 2021

3435235 Times Again…


After anonymous İgno disappear ,another the mighty leader,Eternal CEO and FEARful nightmare of every developer, our beloved grin BOSS has left us. We will miss him absolutely!

📆Lets have a look at latest news.

🧿-2nd BATCH of GRİN Asic Miners at SALE!!! 🚀

İpollo began another batch selling of Asic Miners G1 and G1 mini with collaboration NHASH.

PAYPAL is even accepted.



Developments and Contributions continue. Please CHECK and Contribute if you like. Grin is an opensource,decentralized project and welcome everybody. Join!

📢 Phyro Grinvestigation available at

You cant find him,he finds you. Phyro is everywhere..✨

📢 Marek started another implementation,check and contribute if you like. Contributions and Donations are welcome !

Join his telegram for daily news! ✔️

📢 MCM Mike leading the new Community Council and Payment proofs introduced. Things are getting hot there. Check !

  • MCM Mike s Grinnodelive team awesome work continues with ⏳

‘’The major goal of our service is to provide arbitration tools that could help bring grin back to Bisq decentralized exchange 5. In the future, such an arbitration tool could be potentially useful for many grin-based online platforms. ‘’

Early beta version of’s public transaction proof verification service is online!

  • 💛 Boombound another Grin lovers work;
  • 📢Dogs ‘’slatepack market ‘’open and waiting for Grinners!

  • ✔️Again Mareks idea . This guy never sleeps.

- Our own p2p exchange idea 🚀

  • 💲Grin WALLETS

-💪Tavarez ‘’the Destroyer’’ is waiting for you to improve Grin++ UX+Ui. Feedbacks are necessary for him. He builds ツ

  • 😎 Have you seen a FULL Node on a cellphone? 💣
GRİN++ Full Desktop Wallet
İronbelly İOS /Android Light Mobile WALLET by Ivan Sorokin 🖖

  • Ledger HD wallet Development continues. By @markhollis. We wait for you man! ⏳
  • ✔️Atomic Swaps Full Throttle HERE! Gene is hardworking there! Thank you man. ⏳

  • 🔎 And Jafalter Thesis about Bitcoin -GRİN Atomic swaps!

  • 📃Grinnodelive Papyrus is here! Thanx to goyle and Leedan.

📜 Grin history. The origin of Mimblewimble. Grinnode-live/GRIN-papyrus

  • 💛Grin Mask idea by community members.

Really dead? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Grin-Mining Pools: (Terminating on July 21) (Too many miners! Switch to another pool!)


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