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Grin Post

Grin is a decentralized ,opensource project. No owner,no community,no ico,no premine,instamine,No company.

Grin Community FUND 💥

Grin achieved a milestone for more decentralization. Grin council decided do split the Grin FUND to Grin FUND and GRİN COMMUNİTY for more decentralization and effective improvement.

A community Fund will be established . Thus Grin Community will be able to fund ecosystem projects with autonomy

Grin Fund and Community Fund will work with collaboration.

Voting ended and members selected.

Congratulations to all Grin Family,it will enhance the vision.

*Grin quote of the week 🎖️

‘’There’s only one hoard-resistan coin’



  • Grin LEDGER Hardware Progress

Hardwarewallet Support is a feature. Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallet provider with their Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X.

Bounty is for delivering support for Grin on Ledger Wallet. @markhollis is funded by GRİN FUND

to implement this feature. You can check the updates and progress.

Grin-Bitcoin Adaptor Signature Atomic Swap Progress

Atomic swaps between Grin and Bitcoin.

Atomic swaps are a great way for the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies. They remove the need for arbitrage and custodial exchanges.

Gene Fernau is funded by Grin FUND and currently working on this implementation. You can check his progress.

  • *Grin++ Mobile Android Wallet 📢
Grin++ Mobile new design

*New Gui İdeas and İmplementation İmprovements for Mobile wallet in progress with wallet dev and users feedback from Grin Community.

*Did you try D.Tavarez ‘’full node ‘’ android Grin Mobile wallet?

Feel free to give your feedback.


  • Goblinpool is alive! 💪

From the trusted and well known Grin dev @xiaojay created

He is contributing Grin Community since 2019 and he is also the author of Niffler Wallet.

Grinmint @quentinlesceller is also added an endpoint for Chinese miners

*F2pool is not available for Grin mining anymore. 💤

*DavidT Grins Contribution ROADMAP 📢

DavidT is contributing Grin since 2019. He declared a roadmap for his efforts about Grin moving ahead.

He says he is not a rocket scientist,but guy made a ‘’mobile FULL NODE ‘’ wallet for Grin.Check it if you havent seen.

He does what he says. Check the roadmap. GO DAVİDT !

***Governance 📑

Governance meeting Tuesday May 25 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin#general channel on Keybase

Agenda;Governance May 25 2021 🕦


*Grin Acess Rights and Keyholders talked about.Council asset audit. Tracked below ✔️

*A new funding request from @newjack777 🏷️

Discussed and came to conclusion to hold off the request. more proved-contribution will be needed. And no reason it wouldnt be approved in the future.✔️

Agreed on;

Grin Community FUND (DavidT,hendi,paouky,MCM-Mike,Mac ,Anoymous) will get together and establish a spending guide line.MCM-Mike will contact all members and organize.✔️

Both Grin FUNDS for community and Rust implementations.Each has same goals for Grin future but with a different set of eyes. ✔️

**Next Meeting AGENDA 🕦

*Governance meeting to be held on Tuesday June 8 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin#general channel on Keybase. Please comment to provide topics or suggestions.**

Proposed agenda

Agenda review

Bounty statuses

Status update from @ndcroos (mark_hollis)?

RFC Update

Community funding status

Continue funding @GeneFerneau?

Council asset audit (followup)

Should keyholder list be made public, or 5 of 5 signature required quarterly?

Are the council’s grins still accessible? Can we continue accepting donations?

Do we have enough active owners of repo?

Other questions

Development Github 🖥️

The next bi-weekly development meeting is scheduled for 1 June 2021.15:00 UTC in grincoin#general on Keybase.


Payjoins Support

SAFE Cancel

Early PAYMENT Proofs

DRAFT Atomic Swaps

**Grin Links ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Grin exchanges Withdraw and Deposit OPEN 📊



*Bittrex Grin wallet was offline since 2020 August.Trade also halted at 21.05.Grin no longer exist

at this exchange.

Communication Channels 💬

Telegram Community

Wallet Support Telegram


İronbelly Mobile


Grin Mining

Keybase Meeting and Devs Channels 🖲️




Bitcointalk :




Grin MimbleWimble News and Developments