GRİN ,a more DECENTRALİZED Way,Next Chapter.

Without censorship or restrictions.


  • Grin hardware wallet is close to finish, thanx for efforts to Mark Hollis
  • 🚀 Bitcoin -Grin Atomic swaps finally finished and RFC waiting for review,thanx to Gene work and he desire to contribute Grin more. Grin community very happy to have a talent like you Gene!💚
Bitcoin-Grin DEX
  • Coinswap Proposal 💱
  • Grin++ Wallet and node Desktop Version is upgraded to 1.2.6. . You know who is the Man. who is more resilient than honeybadger.😍💪
Honeybadger :)
  • 📡GrinnodeLive has published a new API endpoint which displays current blockheight chain and grin emission. 🔥
  • Grinventions


  • @jankie1800–1.000€ / month
  • @defistaker — 1.000€ / month
  • They will help at enlarging ecosystem,contact with people ,being the Bridge.🔌 Welcome boys !
  • Big Decentralization Move for Grin, from Grin Counsul 💣

💥GRIN Community Council (CC) received funds of 33 BTC

  • A few words from people who makes Grin nowadays, they know themselves, we are grateful to their work,ethics and integrity.🙏🏽💛💛💛

‘’We are excited to begin the next chapter of Grin, which started with the success of the final scheduled hardfork and continues with collaboration of the new Community Council.

  • Grin mining Asics Hardware SALE . Please get in touch with only original site. Beware of Scammer. A Limited batch is only in October ,due to chip shortages at the world.
ipollo G1 Mini Home miner 100 watt
  • 📰 Coingecko released and article about Mimblewimble
  • Grin Community meetings held biweekly at keybase, Anynomous,McmMike generally lead the meetings , agenda set before the meetings. Thnx for the work and effort, DavidT, Mac, Hendi, jankie ,defistaker, paouky, for leading the community, governance of CC and other Grin channels. 💛
  • Danila for Grin+ Telegram help channel 💛
  • J.Davies for long commitment and informing community at Telegram💛
  • Satoshcrat for Admin of Grin Community Channel 💛
  • Daniel for contributing issues,checking the daily news and trade 💛
  • xiaojay for Niffler wallet and Goblinpool ,being our long time developer 💛
  • Moojito, noobvie for exchange efforts, working for ecosystem 💛
  • Vegycslol for exploring ideas and Grin Testnet EXCHANGE 💛
  • And for sure our Developers,
Grin Devs
  • who doesnt need to be named, they stay humble, passionate, patient at contributing Grin since 2016, making the world more free and hopeful for other people. Hope you stay with us still at NEXT CHAPTER.
Unnamed HEROES
  • Apologies if i forgotten a name..

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Grin-Mining Pools:


Grin News

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Grin News

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