GRİN ,a more DECENTRALİZED Way,Next Chapter.

6 min readSep 28, 2021


Cryptocurrency world is so fast nowadays, many regulations, crackdowns, censorships and law drafts are flying around..

Despite the hurdle Grin is continue building with community in a decentralized way, as it should be..

Without censorship or restrictions.

Summary past days,


  • Grin hardware wallet is close to finish, thanx for efforts to Mark Hollis

Updates: ✔️

  • 🚀 Bitcoin -Grin Atomic swaps finally finished and RFC waiting for review,thanx to Gene work and he desire to contribute Grin more. Grin community very happy to have a talent like you Gene!💚
Bitcoin-Grin DEX

-You can check RFC here ✔️

  • Coinswap Proposal 💱

-Our mighty J.Tromp s Coinswap proposal attracts some talents. Here ✔️

P.S follow him at reddit. He nails the last comments. No joke. Grin is lucky to have him.🔥🎖️

-@Sicilio requested a funding for the implementation of Coinswap. This will come to conclusion we hope.👊

-You can check here ✔️

-Grin ++ Mobile we wait for the next version for sure after the ✨magic application by DAVİDT, DavidT has some personal stuff, hope he hits the keyboard soon. We love you man.💛🧿

-New Binaries Released✔️

  • Grin++ Wallet and node Desktop Version is upgraded to 1.2.6. . You know who is the Man. who is more resilient than honeybadger.😍💪
Honeybadger :) ✔️

-Grinmail 📩service idea by aixinrock, you can check below if interested.


* MCM Mike🏎️ ,Rasperry Pi design GrinNode.LİVE thread,development continues, ✔️

  • 📡GrinnodeLive has published a new API endpoint which displays current blockheight chain and grin emission. 🔥

Already implemented at Coingecko api.
  • Grinventions


-Grin Community Council’s aim to enhance Grin ecosystem, it was proposed that Grin funding requests should be at least paid 10% in Grin😇. After an open discussion in community, it has been voted and approved in CC meeting.

-Grin Community Council is planning to buy some G1 mini miners and possibly a G1 miner from NHash. İt will be purchased at next batch October-December.⛏️

-📯Fundin of @jankie1800 and @defistaker for groundkeeping work and helping the GRIN community has been proposed by Grin Community Council. It has been decided to compansate next 3 months as follows:

  • @jankie1800–1.000€ / month
  • @defistaker — 1.000€ / month
  • They will help at enlarging ecosystem,contact with people ,being the Bridge.🔌 Welcome boys !

-🤝C. Council member @McmMike has become an organizer for MW / Grin Berlin Meetup group. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we expect new meetings will be held. If you are in the region, be sure to join and follow. Thnx @McmMike for his endless efforts.💪

🧧Flash NEWS‼️ ‼️

  • Big Decentralization Move for Grin, from Grin Counsul 💣

💥GRIN Community Council (CC) received funds of 33 BTC

  • A few words from people who makes Grin nowadays, they know themselves, we are grateful to their work,ethics and integrity.🙏🏽💛💛💛

Their message,

‘’We are excited to begin the next chapter of Grin, which started with the success of the final scheduled hardfork and continues with collaboration of the new Community Council.

The future for Grin is bright as we grow together as an empowered and capable community, moving ever forward toward realizing Grin’s potential.

Continuing in the spirit of an open, resilient and decentralized project, it is great to see this group that has earned the trust of the community participating in the evolution of Grin.’’ ✔️

🟡Did we say Grin is a grass root community project, Decentralized ,Opensource and led by community, if you find better values than above, let me know, really.😆

  • Grin mining Asics Hardware SALE . Please get in touch with only original site. Beware of Scammer. A Limited batch is only in October ,due to chip shortages at the world.
ipollo G1 Mini Home miner 100 watt



* ✔️

Check the hashrate of Grin, you see it is moving ツ

🔆🔆*A few 🎥 for Grin Miners 💰⛏️

📊 🤑

  • 📰 Coingecko released and article about Mimblewimble

Grin MimbleWimble implementation,Decentralised,NO iCo ,POW ,Opensource Cryptocurrency. ツ

Led by community and people, all contributions are welcome.

**📜Check the story ,if you want to be a part of this history

-Phyro s awesome works again,greetings. ❤️‍🔥

  • Grin Community meetings held biweekly at keybase, Anynomous,McmMike generally lead the meetings , agenda set before the meetings. Thnx for the work and effort, DavidT, Mac, Hendi, jankie ,defistaker, paouky, for leading the community, governance of CC and other Grin channels. 💛
  • Danila for Grin+ Telegram help channel 💛
  • J.Davies for long commitment and informing community at Telegram💛
  • Satoshcrat for Admin of Grin Community Channel 💛
  • Daniel for contributing issues,checking the daily news and trade 💛
  • xiaojay for Niffler wallet and Goblinpool ,being our long time developer 💛
  • Moojito, noobvie for exchange efforts, working for ecosystem 💛
  • Vegycslol for exploring ideas and Grin Testnet EXCHANGE 💛
  • And for sure our Developers,
Grin Devs
  • who doesnt need to be named, they stay humble, passionate, patient at contributing Grin since 2016, making the world more free and hopeful for other people. Hope you stay with us still at NEXT CHAPTER.
Unnamed HEROES

Grin to the Future

  • Apologies if i forgotten a name..

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